Automotive Lifts---The Elevator For Car

Our car elevator is specifically designed for the transportation of cargoes, with many wide door opening modes and spacious yet sturdy car, suitable for the transportation of large cargoes and ensuring the safety when passengers and cargoes both present in the car. Technically, advanced CPU control is applied, realizing contact free control to elevate the performance of the elevator, making it the best choice for cargo transportation in factories, workshops,warehouses and malls, etc.

Product Details

Type:ElevatorsUsage:Freight ElevatorDrive Type:AC, DC, Hydraulic
Place of Origin:shanxi, China (Mainland)Brand Name:SHANXI OTTONE ELEVATOR
Elevator Type:Goods ElevatorsProduct name:car elevatorFloor:Patterrned Steel
Material:Painted Steel\Hairline Stainless SteelControl system:VVVF variable frequency door machine system
Rated Speed:0.25~1m/sTechnology:EN81Certification:ISO9001
Machine Room:With\Without Machine RoomTraction machine:Traction Machine Gear
Keywords:car elevator

An omni-bearing protection design

The special circuit control and dispay system are convenient for the driver either stay inside or wait outside the lift cars

There are safety device in the car to ensure the lift and car safety

There are two"operation panels"in the car,The driver can operate the lift without  stepping out of the car.

Through cabin door more convenient for the cars to enter in design and out of cabin.



Product Description

Highly mature variable voltage variable frequency control technology realize precise speed control, avoiding the noise and vibration of the elevator car caused by increased loads of the traction system due to the uneven force on the car. 
Features: 2 operation panels; special display system; front/rear door opening.




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