Elevator Tower Type Parking Equipment(comb Type / Super Transmission / Plate Type) PCS

The smart parking system is designed for minimizing the land area and maximizing the parking volume that is suitable for shopping mall, business center, residential area, hospital etc. It likes a car storage for SUV, Sedan and customized and satifies the needs of packing space in crowded city.

Product Details

Elevator tower type Parking Equipment(comb type / super transmission / plate type) PCS




Comb type advantage
quickFork type lifting machine and loaded car board realize quick comb exchange,lifting machine and load board can move at the same time,save time.
economicDrive motor with small power(low power consumption),easy to maintain, low cost
convenientThere is a set of paralleled movement device,ordinary car and SUV are adaptable
Easy useEasy operation,use conveniently



itemtitleunitCharacteristic parameter
Adaptable parking carLength*width*heightmm5300*1900*1550/2000

Ultra-large carmm5300*2100*1550/2000

Special large vehiclemm6500*2800*3000

Contain car quantity
Lifting and lowering speedLifting and loweringm/min66
Paralleled speed
Drive modeLifting and loweringkw22-45
Operation mode

Radio frequency card,password, face identified, finger print identified, key board operation,full voice prompt,telephone remote control,touch screen(optional installation)

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